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The use of carbon for removing radon from drinking water - Specialized News and How To Tips

In fact according to my research, most of the water filter on sales in the market are active carbon filter. With the current price & water shortage using of 50-100 gallons per person per day is consider on the high side.

The use of carbon for removing radon from drinking water

By Dr. Paul D. Robillard, Dr. William E. Sharpe, Bryan R. Swistock

Radon has become a highly publicized health threat, as the naturally occurring radioactive gas has seeped out of the earth�s crust and into the basements of homes across the nation.

Waterborne radon usually originates in deep wells that tap radon-contaminated groundwater, although community water supplies with surface reservoirs may also have a problem with radon.

EPA estimates that 2-5 percent of airborne radon comes from household water, but there are ways to solve the problem.

Detection and testing

Testing for radon in water requires special sampling and laboratory analysis techniques that measure its presence before it escapes from the sample; direct water sampling is by far the most accurate method.

Point-of-entry treatment

Another method for removing radon from water is a granular activated carbon (GAC) unit.

GACs are constructed of a fiberglass tank containing granular activated carbon � a fine material that traps and holds the radon.

GAC filters will remove radon indefinitely providing that sediments or organic pollutants have not clogged the filter, but a major drawback is that if radon is present, the filter becomes radioactive as it picks up the gas.

Proper maintenance and handling of the GAC unit can minimize exposure risks. Redevelopment of the well intake or a sediment filter is vital to protecting the fine carbon from fouling and clogging.

Elimination of the sediment source or a sediment filter placed ahead of the GAC tank is the best protection against clogging.Read More...
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