Thursday, April 14, 2005

Water for Great Health of Live

red flower bud, originally uploaded by zеn.

Like The PLant's..Flower's...Animal's..
We Human too.. Need Clean Water..

Free From Pollutions

Free From Contaminations

For The Great Health of Us, All Life On The Mother Earth.

Do a little each




Each Day &


To Protect our Environment & for Our Great Health!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Clean Water To Bring Back Life

Originally uploaded by Ken_Tokyo.
Looking at this picture, it take me Back to the late 50's & Early 60's, my home have two fish ponds the water is clean & clear.

There are always difference types of tropical fishs in the ponds.

Then after when the area become more populated. 1st it was the snakes.. then the fsih is allgone within half a year.

You see the industrailizations have kills life's.

We Baby bloomers' would have to clean these up for our love ones!!

Green The World.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Tulips With Rainbow Color

Originally uploaded by dEEsign photography.
Our Mother Earth

Before Industrialization is Nature Green & Colorful.

Like Our Body, The Mother Earth is Containing 75% of Water.

Today, Our Enironment are polluted, Water Contaminated, Once Our Water Resource Dry Out.

Imaging these beatiful scene can only see in Our Digital Archives.

It Would Be A sad Future for Our Heirs.

Do Something Now to Protect Our Mother Earth!!

Clean Water Need More Green

Originally uploaded by alfarman.
Looking At The Beauty of Clean Water.

Is Clean & Clear!!

More Trees Have Been Cut, Mean More Pollutions;

Less Oxygen!!

We need More Trees & Green Plants To Do The Organic Filtering;

Also, More Oxygen Means More Water!!

Better Health for US All!!

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