Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Canadian Fed Invest & hires IBM to develop system to detect disease, bioterrorism-- National Post

As a Computer Technologist by qualification. I am sure that both computer hardware & software can aids to the Monitoring & control for the Drinking Water Safety.. However, the most important is still is the People Elements...

Health agency hires IBM to develop system to detect disease, bioterrorism

Steve Lambert Canadian Press
Monday, December 13, 2004

WINNIPEG (CP) - Federal health officials have turned to IBM to help develop a computerized early-warning system to detect outbreaks of infectious disease and bioterrorist attacks.

The Public Health Agency of Canada hopes the system, being developed as a pilot project in Winnipeg, will make it easier to contain outbreaks such as the one that left thousands of residents sick in North Battleford, Saskatchewan in 2001.

'This is really cutting-edge stuff,' Dr. Amin Kabani, a senior medical adviser with Health Canada, said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

'If we find that this is successful and it adds significant value, then our recommendation certainly would be (to make it) a Canadian-wide enterprise.'

IBM Canada Ltd will be paid $887,000 to develop a system that will instantly collect data from hospital emergency rooms, laboratories, pharmacies and other health-related facilities in Winnipeg.

The system would alert health officials to a sudden rise in the number of emergency room visitors who exhibit symptoms of a particular infectious disease.

It would also alert officials to any jump in the sale of particular types of over-the-counter medication that might be used to combat gastrointestinal or other diseases, said Kabani.

'If you remember the outbreak in No. ReadMore....

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