Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Oklahoma Water Contaminated By Animals Waste.

Perhaps the best ways is to get the farmer's to install the Waste Water treadments system to put these right, the local government shall get things in-check...

Poultry meetings to continue

By: Clayton Bellamy - Associated Press Writer

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - The attorney general and six poultry companies met again Friday amid complaints the negotiators were excluding family farmers from their talks over chicken waste in northeast Oklahoma.

Attorney General Drew Edmondson and representatives of the six companies met in an undisclosed location in Tulsa for the second straight day to discuss the effects chicken waste has on the region's watersheds.

Edmondson said his office and poultry producers will continue to meet in small groups through the end of the month and again formally after the first of the year.

If the negotiations fail, Edmondson says he will sue the poultry companies to get them to reduce the waste's impact.

The companies agreement last month to clean up waste in the region that can't safely be applied to land triggered the round of negotiations.

Waste from the many huge chicken farms in northeast Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas is rich in phosphorous, which promotes algae growth in rivers and lakes.

The blooms take oxygen from the water and choke aquatic life. They also can create taste and odor problems in drinking water.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Farm Bureau complained Thursday evening that it has not been included in the meetings even though its members - small farmers who raise chickens in contracts with the companies - will have to implement any agreement. Read More...
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