Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Port Barre makes do with bottled drinking water

In my childhood days, I have experience water rationing, I understand about the suffering that one have to goes through on the Water & especially drinking water problem. City need to ahve a back-up plan in case of the worst happening.

Port Barre makes do with bottled drinking water
By The Associated Press

T BARRE -- Town officials handed out thousands of gallons of drinking water to residents here over the weekend as crews worked to fix a break down at the water treatment plant.

On Friday, a chlorine injector broke down at the water plant, causing the municipal water supply to exceed the maximum contaminant level of fecal coliform bacteria, or E. coli, officials said.

Over the weekend, the Police Department and Mayor John Fontenot handed out water. Police Chief David Richard said the city purchased about 2,400 gallons of drinking water from Wal-Mart to supply residents.

"We are trying to help make it as comfortable as possible for the people during this emergency," he said.

The supply went quickly as residents lined up Saturday.

Paul Guilbeaux came on a bicycle to get water for a sick neighbor. "We all have to work together."

Because of the limited supply of water, only two gallons were issued to each family. Read More...
2theadvocate.com: News - Port Barre makes do with bottled drinking water 12/13/04

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