Tuesday, December 14, 2004

City leaders to decide to tap Hudson or Saratoga Lake

Decision must be make short & sharp, as water is always a cretical issue for we human being. Any delay would cause more looses...

Saratoga water source decision expected soon

City leaders to decide to tap Hudson or Saratoga Lake

By MARK MULHOLLAND Saratoga-North Country News Chief

Saratoga Springs has been talking about a new water source for more than a decade. Soon the talking will stop and city leaders will move forward with plans to tap either the Hudson River or Saratoga Lake.

It's water that made this city famous. And it's debate over water that has now become infamous.

State, federal and Saratoga County leaders have been urging Saratoga Springs to join forces with other communities to tap into the Hudson River. The county plan would cost nearly $80 million, though it's not clear what each community would have to pay.

Tuesday night the city will give the public a final chance to weigh in before the City Council votes next week on whether to go with the county's Hudson plan or tap into Saratoga Lake.

Mike Lenz, the city's part-time mayor, was unavailable for comment Monday, but has said previously the council will decide on a secondary water source by the end of the year." Read More...

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