Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Water restrictions set to stay

Water Saving is a good practice for everyone on earth.

As a Kid in the 60's, I have won several Water Saving drawing Competitions.

In Singapore, using of Water Hose for washing the car may result to heavy fine by the authority.

When I travel in Australia & Canada, USA.. I found that many family like to have their own swimming pool. Perhaps it is better to convert these pools to water collection pool then swimming. My observations found most of the time, these peoplehardly use the pool. & water have been wasted.

In a report I read last year, Australia would have short of 50% of Water especially drinking Water.

Therefore, effort must be done now to ensured that enough water need to overcome these shortage.

Water restrictions set to stay
Milanda Rout 16feb05

VICTORIANS will soon face permanent water restrictions despite the recent heavy rains.

Permanent bans are expected to replace stage two restrictions on March 1. These include:

A BAN on hosing down driveways, paths and other paved areas.

PRIVATE gardens to be watered with manual watering systems between 8pm and 10am and automatic watering systems between 10pm and 10am only.

HOSES must be fitted with trigger nozzles to wash cars and water gardens.

Water Minister John Thwaites yesterday praised Victorians for conserving water, with consumption down almost 20 per cent on the 1990s average.

But he said we still needed to keep saving water despite heavy rain.

"Although we've had recent rain the challenge now is to make water saving a life-long habit, " Mr Thwaites said.

Many smaller dams are at almost 100 per cent capacity, including Maroondah, Sugarloaf and Greenvale.

But Premier Steve Bracks said the state's main catchment, the Thomson Reservoir, was only half full.

Melbourne's dams are 59.5 per cent full.

Victorians have saved almost $6 million in the two years since government water-saving rebates were introduced.

More than 91,000 Victorians have taken up the Water Smart incentives since January 2003, saving 649 million litres of water -- the equivalent of 649 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The program provides rebates for people who buy water-saving devices with a discount on their water bill.

Mr Thwaites praised Victorians who took up the rebates.

The most popular water-saving product was a high-pressure cleaning device, with more than 33,000 Victorians investing in one for a $30 rebate each.

Another 13,000 residents bought water-efficient washing machines and 5000 opted for dishwashers.

The Government announced yesterday a further $22.5 million would be spent on improving safety at Eildon Dam.

Mr Thwaites said investigations had revealed the 50-year-old dam's spillway had serious structural flaws and required a significant upgrade to ensure it could withstand an extreme flood.
Herald Sun: Water restrictions set to stay [ 16feb05 ]

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