Monday, February 14, 2005

Senate Poised To Give Power Plants Free Ride

Yes, I can recalled that during my time in Wales, the water within the 50miles radius are not drinkable.

Therefore action must be taken as the united front to ask the Senate Committee To stop giving Power Plant Free Ride.

Senate Poised To Give Power Plants Free Ride
Waterkeeper 2/11/2005

A critical issue needs your immediate attention. Next Wednesday, the 16th of February, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee will be voting on Senate Bill 131, Bush's latest incarnation of his failed "Clear Skies" legislation. For mercury contamination of all our waterways, this is a decisive moment and we need your help.

Whereas the current Clean Air Act currently requires mercury reductions at each and every power plant based on the emissions reductions achievable through affordable and proven technologies, S. 131 will amend the CAA to allow a mercury trading scheme that will enable industry to freely transfer mercury pollution credits among facilities. In other words, utility units will be able to purchase the right to pollute your air and water with toxic levels of mercury and avoid reducing these poisonous emissions. Under S. 131, some power plants will not have to reduce their mercury emissions at all; indeed, many of the older, dirtier power plants can even increase their mercury emissions, resulting in mercury hotspots across the country. Passage of this bill will mean that the coal-fired utility industry will be free to continue contaminating our air and waterways with dangerous mercury emissions for years to come.

In recent Committee hearings, Senator Barbara Boxer described S. 131 as “an industry wish list that not only fails to adequately address power plant pollution, but which would result in at least 21 million tons of additional pollution placing public health and the environment at risk.” This bill is also a dream come true for the Environmental Protection Agency - it would let them off the hook from passing a proposed mercury rule next month that would be clearly illegal under the strict, current CAA mandates and make it almost impossible for environmental organizations such as Waterkeeper and concerned citizens such as yourself to force coal-fired power plants to reduce their mercury emissions to acceptable levels.

We must act now; if this bill makes it out of Committee it will likely be passed by both the Senate and the House. Please take a moment to take action by clicking on the Act Now button on this page. By doing so, you will be able to send a message to every Senator on the Committee and make your voice heard before this important vote is cast on Wednesday.
Waterkeeper Alliance

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