Thursday, February 17, 2005

Environmentalists allege dirty water seeping into drinking supply -- Stop Drinking Recycle Water Worldwide

In the earlier report about Singapore Newater Project. Singapore have use some facts & figures of USA using recyled waste Water for drinking. These includes the Orange County of Southern California & some eastern counties as well.

Now the following report talking about Tallahassee in Florida. Therefore, Sierra Cub concern is believe to be most influencial.

In the Case of recycling of waste water to become drinking water be it following UN study or national or Local government standard.

My observations is that it is still not a safe answer to the health of the consumers, knowing that whenever the standard cannot be met, then the authority would lower the standard. That is in return bad the consumer health.

Therefore, the best is to stop drinking recycling water. The recycled water should be use only for toilets..& those usage other than drinking fot the Great Health of our people.

Environmentalists allege dirty water seeping into drinking supply

Associated Press

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - The state Department of Environmental Protection allows dirty water that's injected into the ground to seep into drinking supplies, an environmental group said Thursday in a federal lawsuit. The agency responded that wells "are closely monitored to protect natural resources."

The dispute concerns the South District Wastewater Treatment Facility in Miami-Dade County, where 112 million gallons of treated wastewater per day is pumped more than 2,500 feet below the ground, according to the suit filed Thursday in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee.

The Sierra Club contends in the suit that since 1994, trillions of gallons of the treated sewage has migrated from the injection zone into the Floridan Aquifer, where drinking water is drawn from. The suit cites warnings from the federal Environmental Protection Agency going back to 1994, warning that the county could be in violation of the federal Clean Water Act.

The Sierra Club is suing the state agency because it is charged with regulating injection wells, which dispose of treated sewage by pumped it into the ground. The agency should have ordered some sort of fix upon discovering that contaminants could be moving into the aquifer, but hasn't, according to the suit.

The department responded to the lawsuit in a statement that defended its regulation of the process.

"Underground injection wells in Florida meet rigorous standards and are closely monitored to protect natural resources," the statement said.

The department implied improvements in the process were needed when it signed a consent decree last year with Miami-Dade County that requires more treatment of the water before it's injected.

"An enforceable, legal order secured by the department is improving operations at the South District Facility, requiring Miami-Dade to improve its wastewater treatment to meet drinking water standards and conduct long-term water quality monitoring," the statement said. "Additionally, an extensive groundwater study will ensure potential future supplies of drinking water remain protected."

But Sierra Club lawyer Kristin Henry said that wastewater shouldn't be injected underground at all in Florida because of the nature of the geology.

"The injection zone does not have the geological structure to prevent that sewage from migrating into drinking water," Henry said.

Sierra Club officials acknowledged there isn't any proof that anyone is being harmed by contaminated drinking water, but they said there hasn't been adequate testing on the issue.

"Sewage in drinking water is a bad idea, period," Henry said.
Environmentalists allege dirty water seeping into drinking supply

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