Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Water shortages halt development in Utah

I can recall my Childhood days that experience the water Rationing . The family have to take turns to ferry water from the village supply point to home.

These experience I still can remember till today. The city or district planning authority must plan ahead in anticipating the demand , before a new development is carried out, not having a "Fire Fighting" attitube.

Water shortages halt development in Utah

LAYTON, UT � Amid Utah's long drought, three rapidly growing Davis County communities have halted development until a secure water supply can be guaranteed, according to an Associated Press (AP) report in yesterday's .

The water provided now in Syracuse, West Point and Layton recharges local reservoirs through an agreement with water conservancy districts that treat the water and sell it back to the county at a reduced cost, the AP said.

County officials are looking to boost water before the population spikes in the area. The new requirement has been made to safeguard some areas to water shortages and distribute evenly, the article noted.

Clinton and South Weber city leaders are looking at adopting similar water requirements. Read More...
Water shortages halt development in Utah

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