Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Green benefits from canning plant wastewater

This initiative seem to be good alternative.

However, I do know that there still certain contaminations may take place during the canning of food, such as the Zinc, Leads, & chemical preservatives. Therefore, my recommendations is that there must be some kind of water filtrations process 1st before it is bottled for the crop irriggation.

So that when the crop is consumed by people would be safe from heavy metals & chemical contaminations.

Green benefits from canning plant wastewater
05/01/2005 - Irrigation with wastewater from the canning industry is not harmful to the quality of agricultural soil and may even, in some cases, improve it, according to a new PhD thesis from the Public University of Navarre in Spain.

The vegetable canning industries, by the very nature of its processes, produce a considerable volume of low-contaminant effluents. A research project began in 1996 to determine the viability of agricultural irrigation as an alternative to the dumping of this wastewater.

To this end, three trials were carried out, two in Villafranca and one in Valtierra, locations in the Ebro river basin region of Navarre with vegetable canning plants located on three agricultural soils representatives of the zone.

Iñigo Abdón Virto Quecedo’s research project involved the characterisation of the soils at the three trial sites in order to subsequently evaluate the effect of irrigation with waste waters from industrial canneries, as a function of the doses received and the type of handling/ kind of irrigation undertaken for the crop.

The viability of these kinds of systems depends fundamentally on the nature of the soil under use, the irrigation system and the type of crop planted. These are the factors that have to be considered when installing irrigation systems using wastewater.

Thus, in soils on which there is permanent meadowland, such as alfalfa orray grass meadows and where sprinkler irrigation has taken place, a “positive evolution” of the soil was observed, given that “this water is not contaminant but provides a significant injection of organic material and other types of elements that can be positive for the development of the soil”.

Nevertheless, on these types of soils any kind of irrigated meadow crop enhances the soil, independently of the type of water used for the irrigation. Read More....
Green benefits from canning plant wastewater

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