Thursday, January 06, 2005

Threat puts Florida water utilities on alert - News

During early 70's I was having my military services in Asia. There were terrorists attack on installations like Gas plants, oil refineries, Water reservoirs...Then we have to perform the duty to safe guard
these strategic installations.

While we shall increase our vigilants on these strategic installations, especially water supplies. We shall also educated all the people in this country to be responsible, not to create false alarm. In a united front to safe guard these public assets.

Threat puts Florida water utilities on alert

KISSIMMEE, FL � An anonymous phone call led workers to rush to make sure Osceola County's water supply was safe to drink, WFTV new channel reported yesterday.

Now, 13 water plants are on a heightened security alert after someone called a resident and said Kissimmee's water supply was contaminated and threatened there would be fatalities, the report said.

Police and water officials have been monitoring Osceola County's water plants since Tuesday night. The water supply is safe, but authorities aren't taking the call lightly, WFTV said.

Kissimmee police told the news station that they will be stepping up patrols at all of the water plants. If in fact this call was a hoax, police say that person will be facing criminal charges. Read More....

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