Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Proposed bill may affect Great Lakes' water quality - News

Any sinful act in contaminating our mother earth is not accepted. This proposal should receive good endorsement from resident's in the region.

Proposed bill may affect Great Lakes' water quality

MARQUETTE, MI � US Rep. Bart Stupak has introduced a bill that aims to block an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal he believes would harm the Great Lakes, according to a Dec. 7 article by The Mining Journal.

The Sewage Free Waters Act was introduced to block a proposal Stupak expects from the EPA in coming weeks. The bill would prohibit the EPA from allowing partially treated human sewage to be pumped into waterways, according to the article.

Stupak's legislation was brought about because of an EPA proposal from November 2003, which would allow publicly owned water treatment facilities to divert sewage around secondary treatment units during heavy rains and then combine the filtered but untreated human sewage with fully treated wastewater, the article said. Read More...


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