Friday, December 10, 2004

Method removes MTBE from water

The simplest way to prevent your drinking water of MTBE contaminations is to install a Water Filter or Purification system at home. Technology normally take 3-5 years of research & testing before it is available to consumers...

Method removes MTBE from water

Pollutant thought to be a carcinogen
By By Doug Main

Dec. 9, 2004 — A researcher has discovered an effective way to remove a troubling new pollutant from our nation's water sources.

Pratim Biswas, The Stifel and Quinette Jens Professor of Environmental Engineering Science and director of the Environmental Engineering Science Program at Washington University in St. Louis, has found a method for removing the toxin MTBE from water. MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether) has been detected at low levels in municipal water sources around the nation and in several cases has made its way into citizens' tap water.
A new technique by a WUSTL environmental engineer addresses the toxicity of the gas additive MTBE.
A new technique by a WUSTL environmental engineer addresses the toxicity of the gas additive MTBE.

Biswas discovered that a nanostructured form of a compound called titanium dioxide causes MTBE to react with dissolved oxygen so that it yields the harmless gas carbon dioxide. This reaction proceeds via oxidation of MTBE on the surface of the titanium dioxide to produce a harmful end product. Biswas then designed nanostructure configurations of this catalyst to optimally degrade the pollutant.

"These photo-catalysts can be powered by an artificial light source or can be designed to run on solar power," said Biswas.

Biswas presented his research at the American Chemical Society's annual meeting, held Aug. 23-25 in Philadelphia.

One of the researcher's innovations was developing a special micro-lamp (corona) that emits a glow after a current is run through it. But that's not all: This system also can be tailored to produce ozone, which speeds up the oxidation of MTBE to carbon dioxide. Read More...
Method removes MTBE from water

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henrykwool said...

I understand that the people are worried of this MTBE contamination.
But I would like to give some info.

The use of MTBE was mandated by the federal government. When it was found that the MTBE was seeping into the water bodies and contaminating it, MTBE was announced a contaminant. That is fine. But when it comes to filing an MTBE LITIGATION against the oil companies for using a chemical, which had been mandated by the government, the move is not appropriate.
I hope that anyone who comes across my article will try to understand the real issue.
The oil companies are not the only one's responsible and holding them liable for the whole clean-up, does not go by the law.

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