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County insists on chloramine answers - San Mateo Daily Journal

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County insists on chloramine answers
By Michelle Durand Daily Journal Staff

Chloramine, the controversial water additive, may be safe for general consumption but county supervisors unanimously called yesterday for a scientific stamp of approval.

The board agreed to support the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s request for a formal position on the additive by the California Conference of Local Health Officers. The vote came only after a litany of possible side effects were rattled off by water users: severe asthma, rashes, lesions, passing out, skin burns.

“I survived cancer 10 years ago but my water may kill me,” said Claudette Maine, an ovarian cancer survivor with a compromised immune system.

Fremont resident Wynn Greich, who works in Millbrae, brought jars and bottles of nails soaked in water to show how chloramine eats at metal.

“When aluminum corrodes it leeches into the brain and gives you Alzheimer’s,” she said, adding that most people cook with aluminum pots.

The speakers were so demonstrative that Mark Church, president of the Board of Supervisors, reminded them the county is not the agency which put chloramine in the drinking water.

Chloramine is the combination of chlorine and ammonia and is used as a disinfectant in the public water supply. The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission — which oversees the Hetch Hetchy water system along the Peninsula — switched from chlorine to chloramine Feb. 1 to comply with stricter environmental standards. Chlorine kills germs but isn’t considered as effective or long-lasting as chloramine. Opponents, though, have publicly questioned if the change left the system of 2.4 million customers more at risk for health problems.Read More...
San Mateo Daily Journal


Anonymous said...

someone has taken your story off the net,whenever something negative is writtten about chloramine,is goes into a black hole. The SFPUC has taken over all the info on chloramine...
Please attend an answer by citizens to your article to be held on March 16, at the Foster City Library 2nd flr. hosted by Art Jensen of will be very interesting

Anonymous said...

Re Meeting: forgot to mention, it will be at 7pm.The library is on E.Hillsdale Blve. FC

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