Monday, November 15, 2004

WCCO: Study: Chemicals Linger In Environment

How our water get polluted is by our own doing....

Study: Chemicals Linger In Environment

Nov 14, 2004 1:53 pm US/Central
Minneapolis (AP) The chemicals go down the drain, but in the environment they remain.

Researchers have found that a complex brew of everyday compounds -- from products as ubiquitous as shampoo, bug spray and even that morning cup of coffee -- lingers in Minnesota waters even after they're showered off or dumped down the sink.

Those persistent chemicals include caffeine, synthetic musk used in personal-care products, a flame retardant, a herbicide, insect repellent and several medications, according to the most extensive study ever conducted of the state's waters.

Little is known about the risk of these compounds, especially at the low levels detected. But 13 of them are known to disrupt the hormones and sexual development of some fish or other animals, according to the study by three government agencies.

WCCO: Study: Chemicals Linger In Environment

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