Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Modesto Runs Out of Water in 2018? - Modbee.com |

This is a big concern for Modesto People.

Modesto runs out of water in 2018?
The purpose of planning for the future is to identify needs, city official explains -- By Michael G. Mooney Bee Staff Writer

"Those planning to build their dream in or near Modesto, be it humble home or shopping mall, might want to draw a red circle on the calendar around the year 2018.


Because a recent study indicates that's the last year any new development could be accommodated in the city, assuming Modesto leaders don't find a way to expand the city's water supply.

But don't start tearing up those blueprints just yet. No one inside city government or the development community, for that matter, believes the city is about to go dry.

'The whole purpose of planning is to identify what the city's needs will be,' said Craig Scott, a city Public Works employee specializing in water issues. 'We have an idea of what we're going to do.'" Read More....

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