Monday, March 07, 2005

86 % Americans Want Fed Investment In Water Issues

86% American Want Federal Goverment Investment In Water Issues.

It is important for the American to move in the united front, so that the water issues are all address accordingly. Be it the waste water treatments or The Drinking Water issues

Think about the Great Health for our people. The Water Issues and standard must be address & standard cannot be lower!!

Poll: Americans want Fed investment in water issues

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Eighty-six percent of Americans believe that clean, safe water is a national issue that demands federal investment, according to a new poll conducted jointly by Republican and Democratic polling firms, the Environment News Service (ENS) reported today.

The poll, undertaken jointly by the Luntz Research Companies and Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, surveyed 900 adults, the news agency reported.

More than three-quarters of Americans polled, 77 percent, would rather the federal government invest in water infrastructure than increase spending on entitlement programs (12 percent), ENS reported.

According to the news report, the poll found that 91 percent of respondents agreed that ''if, as a country, we are willing to invest over $30 billion dollars a year on highways and more than $8 billion a year on our airways, we certainly should be willing to make the necessary investments in our nation's rivers, lakes and oceans."

"This is not simply an environmental issue. It is an issue that is very personal to voters because of the importance of clean and safe water to their daily lives," pollster Dr. Frank Luntz said in the article. "This is one of those areas where Americans demand that Washington take responsibility."

The Bush administration has proposed to cut clean water funding from the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) budget for fiscal year 2006 from $8.1 billion to $7.6 billion, ENS reported. To achieve those numbers, the budget proposes a cut of $360 million (from $1.09 billion to $730 million) to the agency's Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) program.


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