Monday, December 27, 2004

Polluted water, rotting bodies raise health fears

I was raised in Asia. I have experience those malaria & cholera in the late 50's & the 60's. I also witness many kids at my age have developed skin problem after that.

Then the health authority always use the DDT to spray on the drain & rivers, there is not any water filter system available then. Hence theose baby bloomers like me are the 1st line of experiencing the Drinking Water pollutions.

I am glad that, today there is so many organizations can be available to help in view of recent event. I am sure such kind of collabrations is a significant contributions to the suffering people.

Polluted water, rotting bodies raise health fears

The UN warned of epidemics within days unless health systems in southern Asia can cope after more than 14 000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands left homeless by a tsunami.

"This may be the worst national disaster in recent history because it is affecting so many heavily populated coastal areas ... so many vulnerable communities," the UN's Emergency Relief Co-ordinator Jan Egeland said.

"The longer term effects may be as devastating as the tsunami itself ... Many more people are now affected by polluted drinking water. We could have epidemics within a few days unless we get health systems up and running."

Experts said the top five issues to be addressed were water, sanitation, food, shelter and health.

"We've had reports already from the south of India of bodies rotting where they have fallen and that will immediately affect the water supply especially for the most impoverished people," said Christian Aid emergency officer Dominic Nutt.

Some affected areas have had communications cut. Others are so remote it is impossible to know the extent of the damage.

The Geneva-based International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies said it was seeking an immediate $6.5 million for emergency aid funding.

"This is a preliminary appeal. It will be revised after exact needs are evaluated," said Simon Missiri, head of the federation's Asia Pacific department.

Earlier, the federation released $870 000 from its disaster relief emergency fund to get assistance moving to the region. read More...
Cape Argus - Polluted water, rotting bodies raise health fears

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