Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Melatonin - Study Casts Doubt On Its Effectiveness

My late Mom is fortunate to lear from her dad about the use of herbs for great health. I begin to research into the self help with herbs for great health when I am 32.

I have post my comments on the subject matter in my other sites

in respect of the food & drinks that do & don't.

here, I would like to share that the best thing to do is during 8 glass of Water a day, drink filtered water - warm not cold water to prevent the conflict of "Chi"

An hour before goes to bed you should stop drinking too much water.

Study Casts Doubt On Its Effectiveness
Remember back in the late 1990s, all the publicity about this new "wonder drug" called melatonin? It all started with the book "The Melatonin Miracle" by William Regelson, MD, and Walter Pierpaoli, MD.

At that time the claims were for everything from age reduction to increasing sexual prowess. It was said to be a sure cure for anything sleep related.

The truth? first, melatonin isn't a drug at all. It's a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pineal gland, a gland situated somewhere near the center of the brain. It does, to some extent, control our sleep patterns and there is a theory that it is related to anti-aging. Maybe because we age less if we're getting the proper rest. Sexual prowess? Very doubtful, unless it prevents us from dropping off to sleep at the wrong moment.

Melatonin can be purchased as a food supplement, and there is some evidence that it does help with certain sleep problems. However, according to a study test conducted by a University of Alberta research group, melatonin may not be as effective as once thought.

It may help people with primary sleep problems fall asleep a bit easier. This would include some types of insomnia. However, for secondary sleep disorders - those linked to underlying mental problems including psychoses, dementia, Parkinson's disease, etc., melatonin is of little or no help. Melatonin seemed to have little effect on those suffering from jet lag or on shift workers who had trouble sleeping.

Dr. Terry Klassen, who headed up the research group, said that further study would be needed to determine the effectiveness and safety of melatonin. Little is known about long serm side effects. However, he suggested, it might be more worthwhile to keep looking for other alternatives to treat sleep disorders. Read More...
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