Friday, December 03, 2004

EPA/OPPT: Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil

EPA is putting Tax $$ to work on Lead....

Lead in the News
December 2004

* In support of its goal to eradicate lead poisoning by 2010, EPA has announced the availability of $750,000 to reduce lead poisoning in high risk areas. This new competitive grant program will provide funds for projects to: 1) address areas with high incidences of elevated blood-lead levels; 2) identify and address areas with high potential for heretofore undocumented elevated bloodlead levels; 3) develop tools to address unique and challenging issues in lead poisoning prevention; and/or 4) identify tools that are replicable and scalable for other areas.

A wide range of applicants may apply for these grants, including state and local governments, federally-recognized Indian Tribes and tribal consortia, territories, institutions of higher learning, and nonprofit organizations. Applicants must represent areas with high incidences of elevated blood lead levels, or areas which do not have adequate blood lead monitoring data but which are likely to have high incidences of elevated blood lead levels. The December 1, 2004, Federal Register Notice describes eligibility, activities, application procedures and requirements, and evaluation criteria. The deadline for proposals is January 31, 2005.
Note: All environmental or health related measurements or data generation must adequately address the requirements of 40 CFR 31.45 related to quality assurance/quality control. To begin the process of developing the quality assurance documentation, you may choose to use this helpful template. Information on EPA Quality Assurance requirements may be downloaded from the EPA Quality System web site.
EPA/OPPT: Lead in Paint, Dust, and Soil

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