Monday, November 29, 2004

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When the plant completed in 2008, it certainly would benefits the residents in the area.

Water treatment plant to be built in Twin Oaks Valley
Oreck By: KEN MA - Staff Writer

SAN MARCOS ---- In an effort to meet a growing demand for water, San Diego County Water Authority officials said Wednesday that they plan to build a $107 million plant in the Twin Oaks Valley area to treat water from the Colorado River and Northern California, where most of the county's water supply comes from.

The plant, which will be off Twin Oaks Valley Road about 2 1/2-miles north of San Marcos, is scheduled to be under construction by next summer and completed by the summer of 2008. It's needed, water authority officials said, because the 11 water-treatment plants in the county and one in Temecula, all of which treat the county's potable water supply, cannot handle the increasing demand for water.

"The completion of this regional water-treatment plant is an integral part of our long-range planning to increase water supply reliability," the chairman of the water authority's board of directors, Bernie Rhinerson, said in a statement.

Part of the reason for building the new treatment facility is that the Metropolitan Water District's Skinner Water Treatment Plant in Temecula, which treats half of San Diego County's imported potable water supply ---- about 520 million gallons a day ---- is running at or beyond its capacity, said John Liarakos, county water authority spokesman. Read More...
North County Times - North San Diego and Southwest Riverside County columnists

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