Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cattle die from drinking contaminated lake water

New Zeland have been known for their diary farm products in the world.

Now, with the contaminations of their water, it is going to affects their earning for the Nations.

Algae is the earlier plants in the world, in the "I-Medicine Sutra" Algae & sea weeds have the applications of detoxin of our body.

The toxin of these blue green algae certainly from the contaminated water. So if the cattle can die off these contamination, so do human being!!

Cattle die from drinking contaminated lake water
22 February 2005

Nine cattle have died after drinking algae-contaminated water from Lake Rotongaro, in Raglan, Environment Waikato said today.

The seven cattle and two calves, which were found last Thursday, had access to the lakeshore and had been drinking the water.

Environment Waikato staff found high levels of the blue-green algae Microcystis and the algal toxin microcystin.

They discovered algae levels in the lake were 40 times higher than stock water standards, and toxin levels were 760 times higher.

Environment Waikato water scientist Bill Vant said algae occurred naturally in rivers, lakes and streams, and flourished in hot conditions.

Most algae was harmless, but high levels of blue-green algae were toxic to both people and animals, he said in a statement.

Mr Vant said parents should ensure that they and their children were not exposed to the toxins as they risked skin infections and serious intestinal illness.

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