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Water Related Rules & Regulations: Water Labeling and Water Classifications

This article that I found, I am sure it is beneficial for all to have a better understanding on types of water.

In my future article, I would also cover more details in each of these water type.

But the issue which I am writing now is focus on the Drinking Water In these Issue.

The Drinking water as we all know at home is the Water Piped into our home through the Water Filter then to our drinking glass before we drink.

Very frequently, we forgot to replace the filter after 6 month or 1 year of the Filter life span. Then do you know that the Drinking water out of the
water filter tap is more contaminated then the in pipe water??

I just purchased a Total Diissolved Solids Meter to read the Filtered Water & Pipe in water, I founded that they are almost the same. That remind me that I have to check the date of my filter installation. So that I can proceed to change it.

Perhaps, you should check it too.

Water Labeling and Water Classifications

Fine waters come in many different varieties - from spring water, distilled water, municipal water to glacial water. The source of the water and any processes that the water goes through determine the differences.
The Food and Drug Administration defines "bottled water" according to a discreet set of Standards of Identity. These standards apply to any bottled water that is sold in the U.S..

Artesian Water is water collected from a drilled well into an aquifer. This water is confined by a layer of clay or rock, which then pressurizes the water enough to allow it to rise up through the ground without mechanical pumps.

Drinking Water is according to the FDA water that does not have any added sweeteners or additives (other than flavors, extracts or essences). It must not contain calories and must be sugar-free. Any flavors or extracts that are added to th ewater must be less than 1% of the final product. If it is more than 1% then the beverage is no longer considered drinking water, but is considered a "soft drink".

Fluoridated Water is water that contains flouride. The level of fluoride in water is set by Federal Regulations.

Mineral Water is water that contains no less than 250 parts per million of dissolved solids. This water is different from other bottled water by its constant level and proportions of mineral and other trace elements at the point of its emergence from source. For water to be considered mineral water, no minerals can be added to the product. If the total dissolved solids is below 500 parts per million, or it is greater than 1,500 parts per million, then the statement "low mineral content" or "high mineral content" must appear on the label.
It should be noted that this is different than the European definition. In Europe all Natural Spring Waters with a dissolved solids of 0 to 500 mg/liter are considered Mineral Water with Low Mineral Content.

Municipal Source Water is water bottled from a municipal source and must be clearly labeled. The only time this requirement is dropped is if the municipal water was used, but then treated and processes so that it can be labeled as distilled or purified.

Purified / Distilled / Deionized / Reverse Osmosis Water is water that has been produced by a process such as distillation, deionization, reverse osmosis or other suitable processes.

Soda / Seltzer / Tonic Water are not considered bottled waters. Rather, they are regulated separately, may contain sugar and calories, and are considered soft drinks.

Sparkling Water is water that contains natural or added C20 in the same amount the water had when it emerged from its source.

Spring Water is water that is collected from a source underground. It is collected from a bored hold that taps the source of the spring. Although it usually requires minimal treatment before it is bottled, it must retain the same physical properties and composition as the natural spring water from which it originates.

Sterile Water is water that must meet "sterility tests" set by the U.S. Government.

Well Water is water that is pumped or collected using mechanical mean from a groundwater aquifer (a water-bearing rock or soil formation located underground)

Water Related Rules & Regulations: Water Labeling and Water Classifications

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