Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Consumer Perspective - Water & Sanitation

The Great Health condition can only be happen. Only all people understand about the "Clean Water" be it for


These would be more stringent for the HIV/AIDS homes based patients & care assistant's.

I am appending the following report from IRC for Consumer awareness

The Consumer Perspective

Good access to safe water and sanitation is indispensable for people living with HIV/AIDS and for the provision of home-based care to AIDS patients. Water is needed for bathing patients and washing soiled clothing and linen. Safe drinking water is necessary for taking medicines. Nearby latrines are necessary for weak patients. Finally, water is needed to keep the house environment and latrine clean in order to reduce the risk of opportunistic infections. Water and sanitation provision increases the sense of dignity of both patients and caregivers.

Public health systems in many high prevalence countries can no longer cope with the increased demand for health services. This reality, together with cultural preferences, contributes to the majority of AIDS patients being cared for within their local communities. The following powerful speech by the director of the South African National Association of People living with AIDS (NAPWA), Nkululeko Nxesi, is an advocacy for better water and sanitation services. It was presented at a national sanitation workshop convened by the South African NGO, Mvula Trust, in August 2002 and has been slightly shortened.
The consumer perspective - IRC International Water and Sanitation Centre

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