Monday, December 20, 2004

Trace amounts of pesticides found in Sask. water

When I am little, I live in Asia. everytime after rainning days, insects & mosquitos all over, then the health Department would start to spray insecticides or pesticides.

Thinks like DDT, once get into the food & vege would get into our body, it cannot be taken out there after, then that is how the toxin built up in us.

Here in US, the control is more promptly . But there still a need to constantly check on these contaminations & people education.

Trace amounts of pesticides found in Sask. water
Last Updated: Dec 17 2004 12:22 PM CST

REGINA - Pesticides have been discovered in the drinking water of six Saskatchewan communities, the Saskatchewan Environment Department says.
However, the department says only "very low" levels of pesticides, mainly herbicides, have been detected and the amounts don't pose a health hazard.

According to the department, the six communities are Assiniboia, Avonlea, Birch Hills, Ceylon, Fleming and Laird.

The department said Friday it has notified all the communities and will be working with them to fix the problem. Carbon filtration and other technologies can be used to reduce or remove pesticides from water supplies.

The six are among 15 prairie communities Environment Canada tested between May 2003 and July 2004.

Sam Ferris, the director of Saskatchewan Environment's water quality branch, said all the levels found are lower than the national drinking water quality guidelines.

The department hasn't said how the water supplies in the six communities became contaminated. It notes that the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority is currently involved in a program that monitors herbicide residue.

Health Canada spokesperson Aarin Bronson said people in the affected communities have no reason to be afraid.

"We're really talking about trace amounts of pesticides here," she said. Read More...
Trace amounts of pesticides found in Sask. water

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